Hippoblue pink
Pink pony spring edition
Preview: Hippoblue pink
Preview: Pink pony spring edition
Pink pony spring edition
Mobile Preview: Hippoblue pink
Mobile Preview: Pink pony spring edition

Pink pony spring edition

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The parts supplied are scrap hoof shoe and adhesive collar II option. They are not meant to be applied to the hooves, as the hoof shoe could break due to manufacturing defects.

5,00 EUR
Hippoblue ice blue

You get 1 piece Hippoblue innovative plastic fitting developed by hoof experts

The softer version is the Hippoblue standard color "ice blue" translucent

     Thus, the white line of the hoof is clearly visible, marking the nail holes easily possible.
     Optional bridge to support hoof balance.
     The beam protection contributes.
     Of course, as "Glue-On-Shoe" usable!
     Ideal to give the barefoot horse a temporary hoof protection.
     Due to the extremely abrasion-resistant plastic you have a grippy profile on all surfaces, to the end!
     Available in sizes 90, 110, 120, 125, 130, 135, 140

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