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Our advice

HippoBlue ice blue
from 7,92 EUR
HippoBlue "medic" nightblue
from 7,92 EUR
HippoBlue eisblau" NBS
from 14,00 EUR
HippoBlue "medical" NBS
from 14,00 EUR
Special glue

Here you get a bottle of special glue red (20g) in the thin component.

or special blue glue (20g) in the thick component.

This glue is cyanoacrylate based and requires moisture. As a rule, the humidity of the hoof horn is sufficient. In extreme drought, it is useful to moisten the horn with a damp cloth. He should not be exposed to frost. The durability is about 1 year.
The bond is fixed within approx. 6 seconds (depending on the outside temperature). The adhesive cures under pressure.
When adhering, keep the pressure on the tab for at least 6 seconds.
The low-viscosity adhesive is our standard adhesive and highly recommended. To seal it is sometimes a bit too thin and bumps or air bubbles can be better injected with the blue viscous glue.
In cold temperatures, glue should be kept warm before use, for example in your pocket
Since the glue is very thin, it can hardly compensate for extreme bumps in the horn.

12,04 EUR
test set

The parts supplied are scrap hoof shoe and adhesive collar II option. They are not meant to be applied to the hooves, as the hoof shoe could break due to manufacturing defects.

5,00 EUR
Adhesive set universal Horse
Here you will receive a universal adhesive set with special adhesive of your choice (red = thin liquid) (blue = viscous)
Consisting of :
2 mounting collar size horse
abrasive paper
Special glue 20g
34,00 EUR