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You get here a reducing nozzle 9mm for Steinel hot air tools (hot air blower, hot air blower)
This makes pinpoint welding of plastics possible by means of hot air. For a bundled airflow.

9,60 EUR
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white line disease oil
Highly concentrated horn disinfectant with depth effect.
With a broad spectrum of activity against all types of pathogens, including resistant germs. Penetrates deeply into the horn structure and smallest cavities. Has horn-stabilizing effect without dehydration effect.

For the treatment of corneal tears and cracks, for the disinfection of nail and abscess channels,
Also for infected corneas and other cavities in the horn capsule.

Easy to dose due to drip insert.

Ingredients: High purity essential essences.

15,00 EUR
incl. 19% tax excl. Shipping costs
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PM Hoof Pad Soft Small: Can A 350g + Can B 350g = 700g / 640cc The mixing ratio is: 50% PM hoof pad Soft A + 50% PM hoof pad Soft B The hardening time is 2-3 minutes
PM Hoof Pad Soft is an extremely light and shock-absorbing "high-tech" A + B component kneading silicone.
PM Hoof Pad Soft is used, for example, for
Laminitis Farfoot inflammation Inflammation of the hoof joint Toe joint arthrosis Sensitivity of the sole of the hoof Coffin bone fracture PM Hoof Pad Soft is placed in the cavity between the frog support and the balance bar.

87,50 EUR
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