Weidenrinde Mädesüß
Willow bark meadowsweet
Promotes blood flow
Willow bark and meadowsweet contain natural salycilates, which improve the flowability of the blood - and thus both the supply of oxygen and nutrients to the cells and promote the discharge and removal of CO2.
The salycilates are known to also relieve pain. The gastric mucosa is not stressed. Due to the improved flowability of the blood, the areas previously poorly supplied with blood are better supplied, and the cell metabolism is improved.
Analytical components and contents crude protein 6.3%, crude fats 1.9%, crude fiber 31.8%, crude ash 5.6%
Minerals calcium 1.29%, phosphorus 0.12%, sodium 0.01%
Instructions for use
Depending on the size of the horse, mix 1 to 3 heaped tablespoons of willow bark & ​​meadowsweet into the feed for a week.
After that, you should take a three-day break, then give it another three days. Continue to feed in this rhythm for a maximum of four weeks.
Willow bark and meadowsweet each 50%.


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Equi KPU

Equi KPU To support the liver and to cleanse the intestines, The liver is responsible for ensuring that all waste products and toxins are rendered harmless and expelled. She does it in two steps. For the second, she needs the B vitamin - especially B6 and B12, which are formed in the intestine by special intestinal bacteria. If the intestinal flora is disturbed so that insufficient B6 and B12 are produced and absorbed, the result is KPU - cryptopyrroluria. The deficiency can lead to severe liver damage. The poisons are temporarily stored in the connective tissue, in tendons and ligaments and in the intercellular space. If the insufficient supply of B6 and B12 is maintained, the body uses an emergency exit. The substances from the first detoxification step are mainly coupled to zinc, but also selenium, manganese or iron, so that these minerals are no longer available otherwise. A creeping deficiency of these trace elements develops. EquiKPU compensates for the lack of vitamins B6, B12 and especially zinc, so that the liver can work normally again. The solution to the KPU problem must be: During the transition period of a maximum of six months, in which the deficits are compensated with EquiKPU, the intestine or its intestinal flora must be rehabilitated. This can be achieved z. B. with East Prussia herbs, Amara bitter herbs, liquorice and anise-caraway-fennel. ingredients Analytical components and contents crude protein 11.8%, crude fats 3.5%, crude fiber 9.5%, crude ash 8.5% Minerals calcium 0.56%, phosphorus 0.21%, sodium 0.17% Nutritional physiolog. Additives per kg of zinc as glycine zinc chelate, hydrate 15,000 mg, vitamin B6 5,000 mg, vitamin B12 1,000 mg. Instructions for use Feed 20 g (= 2 measuring cups) EquiKPU daily, ponies receive half. Due to the increased trace element content compared to complete feed, EquiKPU may only be fed up to 1% of the daily ration. composition Cranberry fruit powder, organic sulfur (MSM), sea buckthorn fruit powder, sage leaves, licorice juice, origanum, bishop's caraway, neem tree leaves.

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